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A special day, a special moment

January 17th 2014 was a special day. A day which we had been preparing for the last three years and yet were unprepared for. It was the day we got initiated(deeksha). In case you don’t know what deeksha is.. it means to be accepted by a Guru and promising to lead a life on the spiritual path.

Though we knew that we wanted to follow this path, there were doubts. The main doubt being that were we fit? We had not yet finished reading the stipulated books and that added to our doubts. But Guru Maharaj was coming and it is the only time that we can get initiation here. But we had not filled our papers yet.

But when our Shiksha Guru(instructing teacher) called us aside and said that there was no time to doubt, this was the time that we had to take the step, we began filling the questionnaire.

And since it was as such a late decision, we got just two days to fill in the form and questionnaire. I was still in doubt when I went to give my papers. As I washed my feet before entering the temple, I met R, who said, ‘we were just talking about you’.

‘I hope you were talking good about me’, I joked

‘We are taking ‘aspirant*’ and it is only because of you’, she said.

‘ME?’, I asked.

‘Yes’, she said, ‘ you were our son’s teacher and he used to be so charged up to attend your class that we brought him regularly. He used to attend your class and we attended our class and got interested’.

I stood for a long time in that place. For the last two years I have been taking classes for children. Trying my best to get children attracted to spirituality by fun and games, I had never imagined that it would have such an outcome too.

If I needed a sign to affirm my candidature, this was it. I went inside and filed my papers.

A compliment gives joy, a compliment brings on a smile and a compliment gives confidence too.

Written for National Compliments Day at Write Tribe which was on Jan 24th. Thank you Vidya Sury, I didn’t even know that such a Day existed.

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*aspirant- a promise to be on the spiritual path