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Going away

Ketan took out his bag, stuffed in his new jeans, a couple of T-shirts, some comics, a pack of biscuits, his water bottle closed the zip and went near the door. He was just closing the door when her remembered his nani’s words-Never go out without telling anyone at home. And so he came in, went near Mama’s and Baba’s room and said,’I am going.’

‘Where?’, Mama asked.

‘Away’, he said

Ahaa’, said Mama, ‘And why are you going away?’

‘You don’t let me play on your mobile or the computer, you don’t let me eat chocolates for breakfast, you wake me up early, so I am going away.’

‘Hmm, you can play outside with y our friends, chocolates are bad when eaten too much and you have to get up early to go to school.’

Thoughtful and then,’ You don’t love me so you don’t let me do anything my way, so I am going away’.

‘And where will you go?’

‘To Sneh Sadan’.

‘Sneh sadan is for children who don’t have Mama and Baba’.


‘And then there is no TV or computer… and you have to eat very fast and clean your own plate. And you don’t get chocolates too.’

‘No problem, there will be a lot of other kids to play.’

‘Oh yes, there will be but you will have to sleep by yourself, no one will sing lullabies for you. And yes no hot water for bath.’

‘You mean I will have to take bath by myself?’

‘Yes and that too cooold water.’

‘By the way, I have made some gulab jamuns, want to have some?’

‘No, no I am going away.’

‘Al right, I will call Neha and give her.’

‘You will give Neha?’, asks Ketan

‘Yes I will call her up and then give her some gulab jamuns and then we will play hide and seek and then maybe I will invite her for lunch too and after lunch I will sing a nice lullaby and make her take a nap and…..’

‘What you will make her live here only or what?’

‘Good idea. With you not here I will feel lonely. And as such Neha’s mom goes to work and she has to stay with the maid, so I will ask her mom to leave her here only. What say?’, said Mama

‘gulad jamun, did you say?’

‘Yes and paneer for lunch’.

‘And you will call Neha here?’

‘Yes, it would be so fun, I will dress her up in nice flowery frocks, plait her hair and…’

‘Hmm I think I will postpone my going away for another day.’


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