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To new beginnings

ID-100274982‘What?’, that was the expression of an acquaintance on knowing my age. People are indeed misled especially on seeing my about to be eight son. They assume me to be much younger.Well when I was young, I had planned that I would finish my studies by 23, work for two years and enjoy my singledom, get married by 25 and have kids by 27. But none of that happened. By 40 I had assumed that

  1. I would be successfully running my small-scale industry
  2. I would have a horde of people working for me
  3. My kids would be about to enter high school
  4. I would have controlled my anger
  5. I would have grey streaks in my hair
  6. I would take life as it is.
  7. my partner and myself would have an amicable relationship
  8. I would have a place of my own and so on

The first four never materialized. The fifth didn’t either. I don’t have any silver streaks, you just have to count the hair on my head 😀 The rest I did achieve. The sixth more so. And I achieved something more. I had assumed that turning forty would be frightening. I mean isn’t that OLD. But when I did turn 40 a few months back; nothing happened. I didn’t suddenly turn into a hunchback,  nor did I lost my teeth, nor did I suddenly develop wrinkles. Life was as it was. Yes, I am calmer, have a more balanced approach, not easily carried away by flattery and am able to see through the flamboyance of people. You may think that why am I saying all this when my birthday is over long back. Yes, birthday is over but isn’t it the end of this year and a beginning of a new one? Life will go on in 2015 too. There will be births and deaths. Some milestones will be achieved. There will be accidents, there will be terrorists. You may lose some friends but you will regain some too. Some will manage to become thin, some will pile on some. Life will go on……… Ideally it would be better if we could take each day as a  new beginning. Try to make a relationship better, exercise more, rest some more, read a little, share some more, hold your anger; laugh some more. And most important spend some time to smell the roses. Here is to Happy beginnings……………….. ID-100294184   Image courtesy;www. freedigitalphotos.net