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Of musings….and what nots

I had hoped to

     bring a smile on faces

I had hoped

to change lives

I dreamt

of a revolution

And now I sigh and get up

to wash utensils


😛 What did you think, a rant of my unfulfilled dreams? Nah. :D.


We were meeting after a long time. There was a lot to share, lot to talk. Earlier when we were teenagers we used to talk about boys. Then  we used to talk about jobs. And now….

Before having a child I had resolved that while in a group I won’t talk about my child. It had been my observation that we mothers tend to talk only about our kids which tends to be a heartache for the ‘non’ mothers.

And so until we talked generally I was an active participant, until the talk turned to kids.

Anecdotes, brags, worries all followed. I kept mum serving them snacks and tea.

‘Advait colors beautifully, sometimes I am wonder-struck as to how he got that talent because we two were never into any art, ‘ said one

‘That is wonderful, my Nisha has wonderful memory; she never forgets anything’, said another.

‘ Aryan runs so fast, I am sure he will go into athletics’, said the third.

‘What about you’, asked the first one to me, ‘your son is a loner I know’, she said making a long face.

‘My son loves mathematics, he is so good with numbers you know, I am searching for some abacus trainer…………….blah blah blah.


*fictitious but aren’t we mothers like that 😛

Q & A

Me and my alter ego always converse. No, please don’t think I am mad or have a split personality, but these conversations are really good (and quite entertaining too). Have a look:

Q.I subscribe to so many food blogs and I follow instructions to the T then why don’t my dishes come up the way ‘their’ clicks show?

A. Don’t you know the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

Q. Why don’t I get enough comments on my posts.

A. How much is enough for you?

Err more than what I get.

You don’t read that many blogs and even if you do, do you comment on them? So that people know who you are.

Q.Why is there a dust storm when I have washed my whites?

A. Because you never look outside before washing your whites.

Q.THAT kid is so outgoing 😦

A. Your son is caring, have you noticed that?

Q.Why do I always run into problems

A. Have you noticed the bliss in between the problems or that how there are loved ones with you during those problematic times.

I tell you people, it is not at all easy to live with an alter ego; not easy at all 😀

And by the way, these are just sample questions and answers, there are actually many, many more

Times are a-changing

Times are a-changing


I am a homemaker now,

So I do the housekeeping

and then some chauffeuring

And some fixing too.


I am a guest now

not just a passenger

Which means I get a smile

And then I am left in peace.


I am a person now

Which means I can wink at male colleagues

And they in turn can back-slap me

And my husband can just shrug and leave.


I am not just a mother

But a friend too now

I just hope I remain amma

And not be called Reema.


Yes times are a-changing

Jingle singer

Ronny and Poppy had been living together. She liked him because he was so dependable. He liked her because she was always there for him.  They had a open relationship which meant that he could ogle  other women and she could whistle at other men. She did not like that he did not spend as much time with her as much as she wanted. He disliked her habit of singing jingles.

Jingles; you may ask.  Yes, jingles. Like if he was going to brush his teeth, she would say; ‘Kya aapke toothpaste mein namak hain, Colgate Active main hain.’ (Does your toothpaste have salt, Colgate Active has)

Or when he was back from work, she would sing, ‘Tandoorusti ki raksha karta hain lifebuoy’.

Or when he wanted to buy a new television,’ style and simplicity that is Philips.’

But when the next door neighbor Nina  hopped in with some munchies and coffee, Poppy could  not bear it and sang out, ‘Do you have the close up confidence’

And Ronny lost his cool then and said, ‘Shut up Poppy or  I shall  send you to the aviary!!’

A date

He came at the door

to bid someone goodbye.

I was there waiting,

He smiled at me,

I smiled back.

There were butterflies in my stomach

A quickening of heartbeat

My palms went wet

He gestured me to come in

I followed!!


😀 No dearies, I am not talking of a surreptitious valentine date……………



Just recounting a date with a ………Doctor 😉


Three years of blogging, almost 300 posts and a change in interests and priorities, have made me a relaxed blogger. I mean I write when I have nothing else to do. 😀

SO what do I do, apart from the routine work, I read other blogs and….. ….

Apart from the usual search engines which land people to my blog(yes people do come in search of mukta bhide, yoga tips, aarthi thali, how to nag etc :P), I love to read the spams too.

Spams!!, you may say but yes, there are so many weird spam comments that at least once in a day I go through them. Most often it brings a smile on the face.

Hey weblog administrator, your site is really cool, how did you design it? Me, design? Makes me laugh out loud. I just know how to change themes, me design? Ha ha ha

Me and my wife were really amazed with the information your site provided us with. Thanks for the healthy tips.  Healthy?? 🙂

I come to your site almost daily for the wonderful tips you provide. My husband is always curious about what stuff I have cooked up for him when he returns form work . Stuff, cooked up?? And me tips??

I notice that you have some amazing stuff but your page rank is low. We can provide you with a safe tiered link building system. Hmm, maybe I should contact them *thoughtful*

Your posts though informative are too brief for newbies like me, can you extend them a little. Extend? And my mind conjures up images of elastic bands I used to love expanding.

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I get to know about various offers going on for books, bags, shoes, ipads etc everywhere in the world.

Amazing isn’t it?