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A family to care for…….

‘Why is it always your wishes that count Shikha, why don’t you ever consider my feelings’, Aryan said.

What about me, just when my career is taking off….’, I retorted.

This has been a regular now in our home, this blame game. 

He wants to start a family, I do not

We walk in silence to our respective cars when Aryan nudges me to see a family of stray dogs.

The mother licks her babies and feeds them. A puppy shivers, she snuggled closer.

‘Their father is not around but still see how she cares’, he said.

‘I want to have such a family Shikha, a family to cherish, a family to bond, a family to care for, am I wrong in asking for that’, he said with tears in his eyes.

And I understood.


Written for festival of words at write tribe. Today’s prompt is to write a fiction in just 9 sentences