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Coconuts and rains

I huffed and puffed, a whack here a slap there, a short prayer and then finally after a full five minutes, managed to break a coconut.

‘what a Mangalorean and does not know how to break a coconut, you may ask?’

Yes, I do not.

My mother on her part had tried to teach her foolish daughter everything including grinding on a grinding stone (it is a different matter that those big stones are extinct nowadays). But she never allowed me to break a coconut. Reason being that she was afraid that her clumsy daughter may chop of her hand.

All these years my hubby broke the coconut for me but now after 10 years of marriage I feel ashamed to ask him. I mean by now I should have been a n expert, isn’t it?

Yes supermarkets do scrape and give coconuts now. We just have to select and hand over the coconut at the counter and they scrape and give it. But no I don’t do that, the taste of freshly scrapped coconut masala is entirely different. Also the counter guy just scrapes 3/4th of the coconut . I am sure with the remaining 1/4 they make coconut powder and sell it. (you can call me a miser but hey I am a Konkani, so how can I not love my coconut.)


I cleaned my windows day before yesterday. Yes, we do everything ourselves. Me and my better half are so particular that even if we kept a help I am sure he/ she would run away within a day.

And so I washed the windows. Earlier I would lift the windows carry it to the bathroom and wash it but then old age is catching up with me and I am no longer able to lift it. And so I took a bucketful of water and washed the windows. (the one living below is now used to my antics and prefers to remain mum).

And then yesterday it rained………….

Rains in Bahrain are blackish. I often feel like leaning out of the window and tasting whether its rain or petrol, it is that dirty.

And my windows…. they are dirty again 😦