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Me and my ‘quirks’

That cup set is really nice’, he said.

‘Uh huh’, I said.

‘Shall we buy it’, he said.

‘Will you allow me to dispose the one which we have at home’, I said.

‘Why? It is still in a good condition’, he said.

‘We either dispose the other one and get a new one or not buy a new one at all’, I said.

‘Amma, you are kanjoos’, the brat said.

‘Maybe’, I replied, but I don’t want to clutter up my space’.

The dining table that day had a new ‘rasam’.

‘What is this’, he said.

‘Ajina saaru, your sister told me how to make this’, I emphasized to ensure that he ate it.

‘But what is it?”. he said.

‘I had a fistfuls of some lentils in the pantry, used it all to make a rasam. I thought to finish it all before stocking it up again’, I said.

‘Hmm, tastes good’, he said.

There was an email about a sale. All things were being sold at 50%. ‘Lets go’, he said.

‘Why?’, I said, I don’t need anything now. As such these sales usually sell things which are going to expire soon, So why buy and then think of ways to finish it off. ‘

‘It seems there are saris too’, he said.

Let it be’, I said, ‘Let me dispose of the ones which I am using currently.

He smiled. He knows that dispose of in my dictionary means reusing the things or giving it to someone more deserving.

Over the past couple of years we have tried to live a simpler life. Buying things only which we need. Recycling. Walk whenever we can and declutter at short intervals. It helps both ways; we economize and also focus on the goal of our life, that of self-realization


Written for Wednesday prompts at Write tribe

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