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Year ends have always been a time of  reflections for me.  Earlier I used to compile a list of blogs whom I liked into a post(you can read them here and here) but then from last year the reflections have been more inward.

The creator of Searching Self searches within herself and her posts and that is what has been the initial idea of setting up this blog.

Recently my washing machine broke down. We could have easily thrown it into the bin and bought a new one but then you can’t just throw it into the bin, you have to send it to scrap. So we decided to wait till we got it repaired. Which means that from a few days (read about a month) I have been washing clothes by hand. You may say what is so great about that. Nothing really, just that it is cold and the only thing you would want to do is to snuggle in your blanket..

But then I realised that how lucky my generation is. My mother used to struggle between housework, kids, gardening and her hobbies of reading and stitching. Yes most of the time she did not have the privilege of sharing time with friends  and sometimes she didn’t even know what was going on around the world. BUT she was contented. She is like an ocean which gathers up all the rivers within her and yet remain steady. I am like a puddle; a tiny stone can ruffle me.

We have easy access of internet and know what is happening around the world. We add friends and unfriend. We are part of social groups. everyone you meet has an opinion whether anyone hears or not is another issue altogether.

Sometimes we know about others more than our selves through status updates. And you can see even couples exchanging notes online. Makes me wonder whether they do live together or not.

Maybe I am too disillusioned or maybe I am too old. But I feel we have all become butterflies. Fluttering away from one flower to another.  Do we stop to reflect and learn about ourselves.

Washing away the dirt from clothes I realised that so much hurt, dirt resides within ourselves which no washing powder can clean. We have covered ourselves with so many layers that somewhere, somehow we are lost.

How often we just follow the trend. New clothes, lifestyle even blog posts. Am I really me or just a reflection of someone else??

(to be continued)


I am extremely sorry if I sound boring but then as I told, it is a time for reflection.

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