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Love, tender love.


Neha has recently joined Adani Auditors to do her Articleship. And is enjoying a lot. A sharp girl she has finished the first two levels along with her B.Com.

Along with her, four other persons have joined Adani Auditors. The other three are a bit older than Neha and Amit. It may be that they are of the same age or maybe not but they have been put in the same team. Which is helpful to Neha. I mean, isn’t it nice if someone of the same age is with you, it helps in communication, you can share your worries, isn’t it.

And so it is when half of their team is running about, Neha and Amit do not know what is happening and take refuge in each others company.

In the last two months they have been quite good friends. One day Neha gets a call from her mother to bring some things from the supermarket on her return home. Amit says he would accompany her as he too needs something.  Taking a cart each, the wander through the aisles. Neha while looking at the cornflakes bumps at Sakshi, her childhood friend. They hug each other and they start talking. When Neha asks Sakshi to check her right cheek. Sakshi touches it and says, ‘ Is it Dove‘.  Neha says, ‘yes’ and they giggle.

But Amit in the next aisle mistakes it as, ‘Is it love’ and when Neha says yes, his heart jumps with joy. Having studied in a boys only school and a college where in with his plain looks and nerdy qualities, he had been ignored by almost all the females.  Neha with her frankness and her simplicity had captured his heart right from the beginning and so when he heard her say yes, he wanted to salsa,

They came out. Neha said a bye to both Sakshi and Amit and catches a bus home. Sakshi too leaves soon after. Amit stood for a long time there itself. His mind continuously played the rewind button to ‘Is it love’ and then yes.

From then on he brought flowers and chocolates. He would take the chunk of work on himself, leaving Neha with almost no work at all. He would hold her bags and generally would follow her like a puppy. Until Neha could not tolerate it at all.

‘Why are you wasting your money on these chocolates and flower’, she said.

‘I thought women liked these’, he said.

‘I do but not how do I carry it all when I am going to the clients office’, she asked.

He sulked.

“And why do you leave me with no work, I see that you do all the major chunk yourself’, she continued.

‘I don’t want you to be burdened’, he said.

‘Burdened?’, she said. ‘How the hell will I learn if I am not ‘burdened’.

‘I am just taking care of you’, he said.

‘Why’, she said, ‘Are you my father?’

‘Boyfriend is more like it’,  he said giving a shy smile. His cheeks were a bright red.

‘Boyfriend?, she asked, ‘Who said so?’

‘Now, now don’t hide from me. Weren’t you telling Sakshi the other day that it is love’, he said.

‘Huh’, said Neha and then remembering that days happenings said, ‘Uff’. she said; ‘she asked me,is it dove, I said yes. Dove.. you know the soap with 99% moisturizer’.

Amit felt the crack in his heart, the shuddering of the earth and the blow of the wind.

Neha changed her team and till date Amit curses his ear. If his ears had not been faulty at least he could have seen Neha daily and there would have been a chance for him to be hers. Sigh, the games our sense organs play………. But then the ears listen what the heart wants to hear.


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The them this week being rhymed confusion, She said____________. He mistook it to be __________. I used the words dove and love.

I hope you enjoyed the story.