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A ‘plumber’ called Raghu

Raghu is a plumber. Well not exactly a plumber but a helper to a man who is a plumber. Generally Raghu sits in the shop waiting for an odd customer to walk in. And when there is a major problem he accompanies his ‘Boss’. In that way he has gathered some knowledge of plumbing.

‘Hey Raghu’, his friend Kisen came in one day, ‘ I am planning to get into maintainance of buildings. I know about electric repairs and all. Do join me as I need a plumber…..’

The idea was fascinating.  Being one’s own Boss, Wasn’t it enticing. And he nodded his yes.  The ‘Boss’ said, Raghu, do you know enough to start on your own?’

‘Huh, you are jealous aren’t you?’, he said and he pulled his chin up, threw his lungi down and walked away majestically.

‘Errr, do you know what you are doing. I mean, we have two kids to look after’, his wife said nervously.

‘Woman, I know what I am doing’, he said loudly.

And so their business started. Initially they got contract for 2 buildings then five and life was never better. He got new furniture, new jewellery for his wife.

‘Will it not be better if we invest a little for a rainy day’, his wife asked.

‘Rainy day, what rainy day. Enjoy your life woman,’ he said.

One day the pipe in a building burst and the whole building was flooded. An investigation revealed faulty plumbing. Kisen said it was not his department, Raghu said that the pipe was faulty; go arrest the manufacturer. No, the inspector said the estimates were wrong. You are at fault.



Raghu  is a watchman now. His wife a maidservant. Their kids… well they must be loitering around somewhere.