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Snigdha was reading a book, Mugdha came and called her, ‘Come lets go out have an ice- cream, come’

‘I don’t want to’, Snigdha replied, besides I should not eat ice cream, I may catch a cold’ . Mugdha went away crestfallen. Reena; Snigdha’s mother sighed.

Cancer does not just eat away your body, it eats your will too, she thought. A bubbly girl has been reduced to one who refuses to go out.

Snigdha had brain tumor which had been surgically removed. There were remnants of the tumor for which chemotherapy was done.

Archana saw the worried look on Reena’s face and came and hugged her, ‘Don’t worry everything will be fine’, she said

‘Do you think so’, Reena asked. Archana nodded a yes

Reena and Archana were not sisters but married to two brothers. They had been living together in Bahrain for the past 12 years and were more or less like sisters. each provided the comfort of family in a land far from home.

Mugdha was 10 months younger to Snigdha and both studied in Standard seven. Being almost of the same age, they were almost like twins.

‘Come we will go out to the court. There is football going on there’, it was Mugdha back again pursuing Snigdha.

‘Will you stop bothering me. I don’t want to go out and meet anybody. I don’t want to go out and show my bald head and I am not going to wear a stupid scarf’, yelled Snigdha.

It was Archana now who sighed and broke into tears. Both she and Reena sat down crestfallen. How were they going to handle Snigdha, how will they improve her morale, how will they make her go to school. How how how……

Meanwhile Mugdha slammed the door, Archana ran behind her.

After some minutes Archana was back. ‘What happened?’, Reena asked

‘She said she will be back soon’, Archana said.

In half an hour indeed she was back. And ran to Snigdha and said,’ Hello how do I look?’

There was a loud gasp.

Reena and Archan ran inside. Reena went into shock, Archana just sat down on the edge of th bed.

Mugdha had got her hair shaved off.

‘Now will you go out with me?’, she asked Snigdha.

Reena looked at Mugdha with love, admiration, respect. The love of sisters… it could repair anything whether it be damaged Morales or barren scalp.