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Truly alive

I banged the door and left. All the pent-up frustrations of rising costs,  mounting EMIs, blame game, everything was reflected in that bang.

I ran. Took a bus heading to Zallaq beach. I sat without knowing what I was going to do there.

But the sea beckoned me and I ran. Knee deep in water, soaking in the sunlight. embracing the wind, I felt truly alive.

The phone rang. ‘Thought I was dead, eh?’, I said in jest.

‘Nah, tell me where is the salt?  Junior wants some noodles to eat?’, he said in a tone which spoke relief.

Sometimes problems just need some space; sometimes the problems are ourselves.

Fiction written as a part of Write Tribe’s 100 words on Saturday. 

100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe
The prompt this time, Truly alive


He came, he saw. The corner ‘garden’ just had two benches to sit upon. And they were already occupied. A family of four occupied one; the parents sat with some bags while the kids played.

The other had a couple sitting in one end. He sat down at another end and started coughing and went on coughing. His face turned a beetroot red, tears spilled from his eyes.

The man sitting next to him asked,’Do you want Strepsils?’

He said, ‘Not of use to me, I have TB.’

In no time the garden emptied to make space for his sweetheart.


Inspired by  Sorry folks, just could not resist this one 😛