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I felt cold

the chill had not gone away

even though I wore layers

The pain in the heart

the pain of the body

would not go away.

I was tired.

Fed up of living,

fed up of the pains

fed up of the betrays

I did not know whom to trust

whom to look up to.

SO in the dark tunnel I walked

alone disheartened

waiting for an opening.

And then I met you..

Your wisdom, your love

nourished me

I forgot the pains,

I got a direction

I got my faith

Life was so arid

till you nourished me with your love

Life was so dull

till I got your embrace

Now I yearn for more,

more of you

more of your love,

you-my saviour

My Gauranga



Tomorrow is Gaur Purnima, the appearance day of Gauranga (Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu) and this is my humble offering to him