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To be or not to be…

I often wonder if 16-17 is the right age to select a stream or a career. The reason being my own dismal career graph. As soon as I had started working I had realised that I was not made for it.

Yes, there are many who have clear ideas as to what to do and when and luckily their plans do fall into place but what about others. They just have to carry on or if some are lucky enough they change tracks.

But then success is relative. For some success is a fat balance in the bank, for some it is the satisfaction and for some listening to the inner calling. Who am I judge, to each his own.

Its only lately that I have realised that I enjoy teaching. To be with young minds, vibrating with their enthusiasm is something which gives me a lot of joy. And then I feel for all the lost time. Maybe if teaching had been my first choice, today I would have been a good position in some school or college. But no, I have discovered that I enjoy the most when I am amidst a limited set of people. Crowds make me claustrophobic. And then if the topic is to do with spirituality, there is nothing that is more satisfying.

We each have special talents and everything is destined to happen at a certain time. It is juista a matter of waiting for the right time with faith and confidence.

I am what I was meant to be. Thats all that matters.


Indulged in some free writing. I know I promised a story….soon….very soon.