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‘Paradise lost’

Sheela parked her car and came inside. The door was locked from inside. ‘Again Amu has left the key at the door itself’, she thought to herself. As she banged the door again and again but there was no response and Sheela could sense that something was amiss.

She summoned up her neighbours and together they banged open the door. There was an eerie silence. Sheela ran to Amu’s bedroom and the sight she saw left her breathless.

Amu was hanging from the ceiling fan.


Amu had left a suicide note. The contents of which made Sheela and Akash die a million deaths. Amu was having an affair with a boy for the last three years. Which was a shocker no doubt vbecause Amu as just 15. An affair which had crossed all limits. They would meet when her parents were away in office, in their home on their bed. But then recently she had understood that what she had been doing wasn’t apt and she should focus on her studies and so she had bid the boy adieu. But the boy was not ready to break their relationship and instead had started blackmailing her. He had said that he would release her pictures on the web. Afraid of the consequences, she had hanged herself.


I am nobody to judge. You may say sex education is necessary. You may say that is what happens when both parents are busy in their careers. You may say that is the effect of TV and cinema and so on.

A number of things which have bothered me and made me morose for the past couple of days.

Is 12 years the time to start affairs. Where has innocence been lost?

Secondly,why didn’t the girl have faith in her parents. Why couldn’t she confide? Wasn’t there nobody she could turn to?


Yes it has shaken me up. Are we so busy providing comforts to children that we forget to be friends.

When I deal with my students, I try not only to teach but also be a motivator and from now on I will try to be a friend too. Teenage is such a precarious stage, when they need some guide, I hope I will be there for them.


I try to be same with my child too. Yes I am strict, yes sometimes I raise my hand, but then he knows that whatever happens I am there for him, I am there with him.

Take care people, take care of your precious children. Provide for them, protect them, nurture them but also make them strong physically and mentally and no matter what happens let them know; that you are there for them ALWAYS.
*based on a real incident. Names changed to protect privacy