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The telemarketer

It was a busy day. The day had been spent on conference calls, preparations, presentations. But days are like that when the company is going through some restructuring.

Nitin was tired, longing to escape on a holiday with his family but no, not now, not for some months at least.

The phone rang. He picked it up.file000884219889

‘Sir, I am calling on behalf of xxxxx Bank would you like to take a personal loan?’, the telesales-person said.

‘How many times I have to say no and how did you get my office number?’, he screamed.

‘Sir please I need to complete my target. Please Sir’, she pleaded.

Nitin understood that this is one lady who would not withdraw.

‘Why don’t you meet me today evening at Starbucks at Exhibition Road? And I want you to meet me and not some silly Salesman’.

There was silence for some time and then she said, ‘Fine Sir, 6.30 p.m then’

‘Yes but I can give you 15 minutes not more than that.

‘Sure Sir’

Nitin was puzzled. Will a tele sales girl be so ready to oblige just for a silly target? But who knew what her obligations were. A family to support maybe………

The phone rang. It was his six-year-old son. ‘Dad’, he said in a grave tone.

Nitin’s mind raced. Why is his son so serious? Is he unwell, did he have a fight at school?

‘Dad, what day is it today?’

‘Saturday’, he replied.

“What are you doing in office? It is your holiday isn’t it?’

‘I have work son, loads of work’.

‘So much that you forgot you HAD to attend the PTA at school?’

Nitin slumped on the chair. He had promised the kids that he would attend this meeting for sure. His wife had reminded him last night but he had forgotten.

He wanted to say something but realized that the line had been cut.

Why do we have to work like this. He thought. You have deadlines to reach, presentations to make, satisfy clients just to earn some money. And when you think you have earned enough, you realize that your kids have flown away, you are old and maybe just have obesity and arthritis for company.

It was 7.00 p.m. The phone rang, ‘Sir I am waiting for you’

And then Nitin remembered that he had promised the tele girl that he would meet her. He told his assistant that he will be back in 15 minutes and rushed.

The doorman at Starbucks gave a broad mischievous grin and pointed at a table. Nitin rushed there and….. found his wife waiting there.

He stared at her.

She smiled and said, ‘Well you never listen to me so thought maybe a tele sales person could entice you.’ By then the kids joined them.

‘And by the way it is our wedding anniversary today’, she said with a smile. ‘Knew that you were too busy so we came here to celebrate with you. Care for some coffee?’

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