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This post is for posterity sake. I hope I will live enough to be able to tell this story to my grandchild/ren


Krishna is tired and so he rests under a tree in the forest. Soon he falls asleep. Radha is passing by and she feels happy to see her Krishna. And so she starts to sing and dance. One of Krishna’s cows hears her and comes to see her. She likes her act and so she sits down to watch her.

In some time Krishna wakes up and sees Radha. Both of them begin to sing and dance.

Then Krishna sees the cow and asks her to go graze some grass. The cow refuses. Krishna pushes the cow, but she does not move. Then Krishna puts a rubber band(??) on her neck and pulls. The cow falls down unconscious.

Then Krishna carries her and makes her sleep on her bed. Because Krishna is Gopala, the cowherd boy; the well-wisher of the cows.


No people, this is not my story. It is the creation of my five-year old, written here for records. 😀