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To group or not to group…..

Jini moved in bed and then a hand popped out searching for her mobile. Pavan had already opened the curtains and the sunrays peeped in. ‘Good morning world’, she typed, ‘good to see the sun after the evil dust storm’. Pavan looked and sighed. Nowadays he was afraid to even speak to her lest it found its way in her whatsapp messages.

Sometime later he sat working on the report which he had to send immediately to Oman. As he switched on the wi-fi on his mobile, it started beeping. He let out a sigh. What was the need for so many messages. Often repeated on multiple groups. ‘Does anyone read them’, he murmured.

Jini  came in, ‘Hi, good morning’, she said, ‘somebody is grumpy….what happened?’

‘Does anyone read these junk messages which keep on forwarding from one group to another’, he said

‘But then some are useful’, she said.

‘Like if you drink two litres of water, your digestion improves and…..’,

‘Like you didn’t know already? And why do we have to have so many groups? There is my school alumni group, college alumni group, …….’, he said

But don’t you feel good to be back in touch with your friends?’, she asked.

‘Yes, it does but what is the need for my office colleagues group, don’t we meet everyday’

And then there is Nikita’s school parent group….what is the purpose of the group. I would rather exit that group’, he said.

‘oh no, don’t do that. That way we know whats going on in school’, she said

‘But all I see is silly messages and jokes’, he countered

And what about this building group. what is the need for that. I can just go and knock someones door if I want to ask something,’ he said

‘The owner created that group so that he can communicate to everyone in one go’, she said.

‘And what about this family group’, he began

‘Oh let it be, we all can be in touch through that group’, Jini said

The phone beeped again. Pavan switched off the wi-fi. Jini meanwhile was punching in a new status, ‘ To group or not to group is the question in the better half’s mind’

Pavan thought a little and then switched on the wi-fi, for the first time he punched in his status, ‘ I am a social animal who thrives in isolation, please don’t add me in groups’. Please…..please……_/\_


Somethings never change

As Shruthi tidied up the bed, her glance went to the flickering screen of Manish’s smartphone. She looked around and then picked it gingerly so as to not make any sound.

The recent message was from Manish’s college group. She read a few messages and then threw it back where it belonged. ‘men’ she muttered, ‘ it doesn’t matter if they are in their middle age….they have to share such x-rated jokes…ugh’.

As she banged and thrashed in the kitchen, Manish sighed in the other room. Something was bothering Shruthi…that much he could make out. He got dressed up and came out. As he served himself some juice, he asked Shruthi if she wanted some.

‘I have two hands, I can take some if I want’, she yelled

‘What happened now’, he asked

‘What is your age’, was her question.

‘You don’t know?’, he asked but when he saw the fury in her eyes replied ’45’.

‘Haan that is what I am saying, in some  years you will be touching  50 and here you are sharing jokes on women and what not on whatsapp’, she said

‘Have you heard this word..Shruti’, he said

‘Which one’, she asked

‘Privacy’, he said

‘I have…. it was just that I was making the bed and I chanced upon your messages’, she said.

‘Hmmm, its anyways better than bitching about others’, he said while biting on his toast.

She narrowed her eyes, he averted her looks and then she threw a plate at him, ‘What’, he screamed

‘You read my messages, didn’t you’, she said and this time threw a cup at him.


Mrs. Vaidya living below heaved a sigh. Yes, the Khanna’s living above were very noisy, yes very often she got a headache on weekends because of their romping and their shouting. But she had never complained to the society.

Why… because they reminded her of herself and her husband in their hey days. When they would have a fight over who should switch off the lamp at night or which movie to see. For she liked Rajesh Khanna and he liked Saira Banu.

Oh, they were fun days. Days of fighting and making up. He would bring her some flowers, she would knit him a sweater.


Now all those were memories. All that was left were pain the joints and a photo on the wall with a garland.

A bit of this and a bit of that

‘Whattttttt, you don’t know whatsapp….Really’, said my friend.

Actually I do know what is that but then I  wanted to have some at her misery. I can be wicked at times, can’t I?

So I made an innocent face with eyes as big as saucers and nodded a ‘no’.

‘Dropbox??”, she asked in shock.

‘What is that?’, I asked

‘Huh’, she sat on the edge of her seat. ‘Twitter, skype, Facebook…’

‘Oh those all  I know’, I said with a smile.

She relaxed a bit. And her palm fell on my mobile. She picked it up and said, ‘What!! You don’t have a smartphone??’

I smiled sweetly.

‘How do you pass time then, that too you are a housewife’, she said.


That was it. I mean I may not be working, but the amount I work may shame the busiest of persons. And yes while the ‘working women’ may have spare time to chat on facebook or whatsapp or whatever, i barely have time to open the windows of my bedroom and talk to my neighbour.

‘Do you know how to make kashayam powder’, I asked.

‘huh’, was all that she could say.

‘Do you know the cleaner of our building is sick and what is more he has not been paid for the last two months’

Her mouth was wide open.

‘No I am not on friendly terms with him but I found him sick and ever since he is having food with us’, I said.

I continued. ‘Do you know your daughter came the other day as she had some doubts with her homework. You were at home but you must have been busy with whatsApp or whatever. And because we were having some snacks, she said she is hungry and sat down with us and she said she was fed up of McCains chips and McDonald burgers.’

She got up angry, ‘She could have asked me, I would have always helped her.’

‘Sit down’, I said. I did not want her to get angry on the poor child.

After I saw that she had calmed down, I added, ‘I may not know what is happening in the world but I do know what is happening around me.’

She averted her gaze.

Revenge I tell you is sweet. : D

*part fiction

** this post is not meant to belittle working woman or any of the modern day applications.