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A dream to remember

Is this your brother’s home’, Bappamma (Paternal grandmother) asked.

‘Yes Bappamma’, I said.

‘Take me around’, she said

My brother had recently shifted to his apartment given by the steel plant. The previous year he had got employed in Vizag steel plant. In some months my parents too had shifted along with him. But he had got his own apartment that year. I was studying in Mysore and was having my summer vacation. My sister too had come and we were having a nice reunion.

Mom with my sister and her son would sleep in one room. Another room was for my brother. Me and Papa would enjoy watching TV in the hall and would sleep there only.

‘So is this the hall’,Bappamma asked.

‘Yes’, I said and then showed her the rooms, kitchen and the balcony.’The balcony is quite big’, she said, ‘good for drying papads and pickles. Your amma must be happy’.

I nodded.

‘Okay time for me to go’, she said

‘No Bappamma, you can’t go. Stay with us’, I pleaded.

‘No, my dear I can’t stay. My home is elsewhere now’, she said

‘NO……….NO’, I screamed

‘Reema, Reema, get up’…..it was my sister.

‘What happened’. I asked.

‘I saw Bappamma in my dream, you were showing her around the home and then she left’, my sister said.

Saying that I was shocked is an understatement. At the same time both of us had seen the same dream. Was it a coincidence, some extra sensory perception I have never understood. Maybe she came to see if we were fine or maybe we needed a closure.

Over a period of years I have been visited by a number of people who have left the world. My aunt, uncle both have visited me and conveyed some message. But the visit by my Bappamma was the most bizarre one. And it was indeed a dream to remember.

But once I started my spiritual journey these visits gradually stopped. I read somewhere that some lucky people are indeed guided by the Lord in this way . So maybe I am the lucky one. Because these dreams gradually made me yearn to know about the soul and its position in this world.


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Raise your ‘Hood’


Once, during a rainy day, I was sitting on the window sill holding my coffee mug mulling over life in general.

Nothing was going right. Finances were down. I am an interior designer working with my husband. We have a small firm which does interiors, landscaping etc.Business was good. We got a lot of contracts, advances were paid upfront but though we finished work on time, the balance payments took months together. In some cases years.

My father in law needed regular dialysis. Son’s fees and other activities needed money. EMIs were due and I was depressed.

We are both straight forward people. We do not understand how shrewd people can be. Clients come and show as if they need their home/office interiors to be done. They show so much interest in our work, they pay advance so hurriedly but then once the job is done, they disappear. Don’t they understand that we have a home to run that we have families too. Our team too suffers because of delay in payments.

It’s at that moment that my mobile rings. It is Hitesh, my friend from college. We exchanged pleasantries….talked for some time and then..’Avanti, whats the matter? Why do you sound so low?’

Me in a choked voice,’Nothing.’

He; ‘Don’t lie, I can understand from your tone’

And then it all came out, the tension, the frustration, the pain

‘Hmmm’, Hitesh said, ‘I will tell you a story.’

I was astonished. Here I was on crossroads almost on the verge of bankruptcy and here was he telling me a story.

‘I will just tell the story. You draw conclusions and the inferences’, he said, ‘There was a cobra who lived in a pit. That pit was near a road. Whoever came near the pit, he bit them. Narad muni was once passing through the path. He saw the snake and felt sad. So he gave a sermon about karma and how each one has to pay back. He advised him not to bite people unnecessarily. So saying Narad muni left. The muni’s words affected the cobra a lot.

After some months Narad muni was going through the path again. So he stopped to meet the cobra. What he sees is a battered snake.What has happened is though the snake has become non violent, people do not know that. So when they see the cobra they beat him with sticks. Then Narad says “I asked you to be nonviolent but I didn’t ask you not to be defensive. When people come near you, you can raise your hood and scare them.”‘

That was the talk that I had with Hitesh two years back.

Today again its a rainy day. I sit with my mug of coffee but today I am happy. Our home is now our home. My father in law had a successful transplant. All is well at least financially.

How you wonder?

We just raised our hoods

We start work only when we receive an advance-substantial advance. Often we tell the client only to buy the ‘raw materials’. We don’t finish the work until the payment is paid even though the client is well-known, a relative or tells us sob stories. Some of the old balances are still pending but for now we are doing alright.

Some advises are just brilliant.

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This weekend the prompt was, Once during a rainy day.





Lost and Searching

wpid-wowbadge1A person named Manav lost some valuable items in the by-lanes of Jeevan Society. The police found him in an incoherent state and what could be gathered from the bits and pieces that he spoke was;

That day itself he had joined his job and he found out that all his education had been  a waste. Since then he has been trying to find out what is really needed for a job.

He tried to help a small girl to climb  a tree. Her mother came and slapped him and told him never to touch a child again.

He wanted a meal but if he had a good meal, he could not eat for the next one week, his salary could not afford it.

He went to deliver a packet at his boss’s house, only to find out that the water hose was running though the garden was flooded with water. His  tenement received water only twice in a week.

Though Manav was mumbling a lot many things but the reporter could not gather more than these as she herself started searching for the things that Jeevan lost. If any reader finds any, he/she can please hand over the lost properties at the office address of this newspaper.



Written as a part of Write over the Weekend (WOW) an initiative for Indian Bloggers by blogadda. The theme this week was to

Invent a hot and sensational news headlines and write a story about it this weekend.

My post may not be hot and sensational but then that is how life is nowadays with mistrust, lack of compassion or common sense etc etc. I am on this search…are you?


A lady & some songs

wpid-wowbadge1As I came out of the house, I heard a voice singing, ‘Laal Chadi maidan khadi’ and I winced. Yes, I was wearing a red dress. There was a person standing in the balcony of the first floor house, a big bulky guy and I felt like laughing, for a man of his size, his voice was quite raspy. The man had the audacity to smile. I had evidently smiled at my thoughts and that man had smiled back at me. I glared at him turned and went on my path.

I am a tuition teacher. Mornings I work as a clerk. Evenings I take tuition. I have to. After my husband passed away, to make ends meet, I have to work like this. My mother-in-law stays with us and she takes care at the home, while I battle it out in the open.

The following day as I went to the Sharmas for tuitions, I took care to dress conservatively. It was a dull blue salwar kameez. Again on my return back I heard a song. I tried to listen to the words, it went, ‘ Nile nile ambar par chand jab cha jaye’. I glared at the balcony, the bulky man was picking his tooth and gave me a toothy grin. I removed my sandal and showed it to him. He shrugged his shoulders and signalled a ‘why’. I went away, some people were just shameless.

The next two weeks were peaceful. It was raining intermittently. I had to take tuitions as it was exam time. But the opposite balcony was empty evidently because of the rains.

Today as I came out I heard, ‘Tumko dekha to ye khayal aaya….’. I raised my eyes; the man was not there. Maybe he was hiding behind the curtains  and singing. I tried to peer but could not see him. I went back to the Sharmas and told them everything that had happened. Bittu my student heard me out and started laughing.

‘What happened’, I asked.

‘Roy Uncle is quite friendly you know. He waves at everyone and everything but no he is not the type who will tease women’, he said.

‘But he did sing and gave me a toothy smile too’, I said.

Bittu tears running down his cheeks now shook his head and said, ‘It is not Roy Uncle’, he said still laughing uncontrollably/

‘Then?’, I asked.

‘Did you notice a small cage hanging in the balcony in the flat adjacent to Roy Uncle’s’, he said.

‘No’, I said.

‘Sumedha’s house’, Bittu told his parents, ‘Well they have a parrot who listens to FM the whole day. He must have heard those songs on radio and must have been ‘rehearsing”, said Bittu still laughing. ‘Every evening, Sumedha hangs the cage outside so that the parrot can have some fresh air’.

I gave a sheepish grin and came out. Yes indeed there was the parrot in the cage still singing, ‘tumko dekha to’, and there was Roy uncle too waving and smiling away to everyone that met his eyes.


Written as a part of Write over the weekend (WOW) an initiative for Indian Bloggers by Blogadda. The theme this week is to write a post around the song, ‘tumko dekha to, ye khayal aaya’. Hope you enjoyed this post.


A friend in need…..

As I was waiting for Avinash at the gates of the campus, Shridhar came and said, ‘Riddhi be careful, you can go out in groups na, why these solitary dates’.

I saw Avinash’s bikes vrooming ahead and said, ‘Shri, I know how to take care of myself’.

It was a lovely evening, we went on a long ride, had dinner and then when I asked him to drop me to my hostel, he took me to a lonely spot.

‘No, Avinash’, I screamed as he started getting fresh with me but he would not stop and then there was a pow and a thud.

I looked at Shridhar with gratitude, he smiled his mischievous smile and said, ‘Am I not your best‘est’ friend.


Written as a part of ‘Write over the weekend’, an initiative for Indian bloggers by blogadda. The theme this time is to write a story in just five sentences which includes the word friend.

Love in vain

wpid-wowbadge1I felt unwanted.

Dejected, depressed, I moved but then it struck me.

I had always been in HIS loving embrace.

HIS love had always been with me.

It was Me who had been amaurotic.


Written as a part of Write over the weekend an initiative for Indian bloggers by blogadda. The theme this week is love and the post had to be written in five sentences.

I have tried to sum up how though the one above always looks after us; we fail to see his love.

A scare…

wpid-wowbadge1As I started tying my tie, I looked at Aditi. She was applying nail polish. At that moment I envied her. Envied that she was the housewife and had the liberty on doing things at her own pace.

At that moment she looked at me and saw me staring at her. ‘What?’, she asked, ‘I have been running from Five in the morning, can’t I take some break now?’

I nodded a yes. She was right.  If she did not get up early in the morning and saw to things, we would never reach our schools and office on time.

‘And by the way’, she continued, ‘You are looking awesome but the knot of your tie has not come right.’  And then she got up and corrected it without bothering that all her nails have not been painted yet.

Those are the two things that I absolutely love about Aditi. She is always  speaks diplomatically, taking care never to criticize and yet correct and the other  was that she always kept our interests to the forefront.

As I drove to the point where our lane joined the main road, I noticed in the rear view mirror another car parked near our neighbor’s house. Two people- a man and a woman got down from the car and then started walking to our home. I couldn’t see more as my car had progressed much.

Later about 11 am I called up Aditi on her mobile, I got a message that she was out of range. I called up the home number, she did not pick it up.

She called me later, ‘Did you call me Vikram, I got a miss call notification’, she said.

‘Yes, where were you?’, I asked.

‘I was speaking to Mrs. Bhatia’, she said.

It was strange because Mrs. Bhatia lived just two doors away and the mobile could not be ‘out of range’ there.

‘Vikram could you please come early by 4.00 p.m. today. I am going grocery shopping , there are some special discounts at Mega Mart, if I go late in the evening, the stocks may get over.’

‘Alright’, I said but my mind was somewhere else. Aditi did not mention about the people who had come in the morning. And never had she gone out like this… what was the matter…

‘Vikram are you there….’, she said.

‘Yes,’ I replied.

‘You have the house keys, don’t you’, she asked.

I checked and said yes.

My mind could not concentrate on work that day. It was true that I had become too centred on my work. The whole responsibility of home, managing kids and other relatives had fallen on Aditi. Was it because of that she had found someone else.

I left office by 3.00p.m.  itself. The whole neighborhood looked deserted. Kids had left for their different classes, I think, because there was utter silence. It seemed that Aditi had left too. SO the only job for me to do was to pick up the kids from their respective classes at 4.30 p.m.

I dragged myself to the front door, put in my key and turned.

I thought of all the years that I had neglected her, all those times when I should have paid some attention to her but had not. All those times when I had dug into my files knowing well that it was our anniversary or her birthday.

As I stepped into the dark room I resolved that no I would not allow Aditi to go away from me. We were a team, we belonged. I switched on the light. As I moved my gaze, I saw a well arranged room, a table for two and Aditi in a red gown standing in a corner.

‘Knew you would come in early’, she said with a grin.

‘What is all this?’, I asked.

‘Today is the 15th anniversary of the day when we first met’, she said. ‘Do you remember that day’, she said.

‘How can I forget?’, I said. We had met in the famed local of Mumbai. From Mumbai we had moved to the Gulf, got married, had kids, it had been a long fruitful journey.

‘The way you were ignoring me, I thought you had forgotten’, she said, ‘And so I thought of this to revive your memory’.

‘Who were the two who came in that black Rav4 in the morning’, I asked unable to control my curiosity.

‘Oh did you see them..’, she giggled. ‘It was your brother Vikrant and his girlfriend who had come to arrange this room. I asked him why they both had dressed up in black with hat and all and he said it was to arouse your curiosity’.

I smiled. My brother and my wife both know me too well.

‘But why are we wasting time’, added Aditi, ‘Vikrant said that he will take care of the kids till 7.00 p.m, which means we just have some three and a half hours’, she smile mischievously.

I hugged her tight. The brief moments when I had thought that she was going far from me were hell. Never was I too ignore her again.


This post is a part of Write over the weekend an initiative for Indian bloggers by Blogadda. This time the entry had to contain the three words, nail polish, awesome and rear view mirror.