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Finding wings

I looked at the sheets once again. And thought of a strategy to cope with it.

Vikas kept on observing me and then yelled out, ‘Just do it’ and  I jumped and started doing it.

Well if you know me, I am a bit of a slow coach. I remember my mother being frustrated as I weighed, smelled, tasted, chewed and finally swallowed my food. By the time I was on my tenth morsel, everyone would have finished their meal and gone of to their respective rooms. And by the time I finished it, my siblings would have already slept.

I took part in a lot of drawing and painting competitions. And although I did it very well, I never finished it. Reason being I always finished it long after the time allotted and the organizers had reached their home.

No, I am not exaggerating. I am really that slow.

I have somehow done my graduation. And I do not know what to do next. Though My mother thinks that it is better that I get married. My father has his doubts. HE thinks that if I ge married to a man living alone, he will remain hungry if he depended on me or else all his earnings will be spent on restaurant bills. And if I go into a joint family the in-laws will surely disown me.

But me, I want to crack the CAT. You may laugh at me. But then most of my friends are doing this, so why not me. I am intelligent. Problem is with the speed. And so it is that Vikas has been trying to train me. But today he too is fed up.

‘I have to go Anu’, he says.

‘But I haven’t finished’, I protest.

‘You know na Anu, if your speed remains like this, you will never be able to crack this exam, don’t you’, he says.

I nod.

‘Then, why don’t you try to do it faster. Anyways I have to go. I have an interview’, he says and goes away.

I watch him with tear filled eyes. My only friend has enough of me too.

Sheetal Aunty gives him an angry look but Vikas ignores and goes away.

She comes near me and says, ‘Anu, I am going to my school..’

‘Alright Aunty, I will go home then’, I say.

‘No, no, I want you to come along with me today’, she says.

‘Who, me, why?’, I say.

‘Our school has these mobile vans which go to remote towns and villages thrice a week, its my team’s turn today and I want you to come with us. I will take permission from your mother’, she says.

I nod. We have known Sheetal Aunty for ages now and I know my mother will not have any objections.

I enjoy the drive. Away from the buildings, the lush greenery soothes me.

The mobile school is a success. As differently abled children smile and rush towards their trainers. I am filled with apprehension, ‘What am I doing here’, is my doubt.

The day progresses. I run here and there doing odd jobs. Bring a bag here, a tissue there. By late afternoon most of the trainers are tired and there is still time to go home. I see Sheetal Aunty needing a break, I go near her and she asks’, Can you handle for some time Anu, I just need to take a breather’

As I begin to write with the moppet who has the most adorable smile, I realize being a teacher is no mean feat.

Sheetal Aunty taps at my shoulder and I look up at her. ‘It is 5.30 pm…time to go’, she says. I am surprised, ‘ it was only 3 when I started. I had worked with four different kids since I started.

As we start our journey back. I have a sense of achievement. It has been ages since I felt that.

‘Do you think you found a vocation’, it is Aunty, ‘Everyone has a special gift Anu and I always knew that you would be a good trainer. Patience is what some kids need and you have enough of it.’

I smile at her. Yes, today I am happy. Today I know what I am good at.


We all have special talents. But very often we ignore that and just follow the herd.

Written for the Wednesday prompt ‘just do it‘ at Write tribe. I have used the prompt in both ways- literal as well as factualCartoon__4_Wednesday_preview



I heard a knock and opened the door. The unexpected visitor just rushed in. ‘Thanks’, she said and then moved on to have a glass of water. ‘And you must have been busy with your busyness.Look at you untidy, disheveled and disorganized. No, no arguments. You are pathetic’, she said.

I glared at her but it didn’t make a difference to her. She went on from one topic to another. ‘Why can’t you leave me in peace’, I screamed.

‘How can I leave you alone. You are me and I am you, so how can I leave you’, she said.


Inner voice. alter ego, whatever you say… it never leaves us in peace, does it? And it pops out/speaks out when least expected.

Written for 100 words on Saturday at Write tribe.



A spark that changes lives

Shalini started sweeping the house. It was past 11 and Kamala, her maid was not to be seen. ‘It is the limit’, she thought to herself, ‘this is the tenth day in this month that she has taken leave. I will pay her dues and ask her to leave’.

Just then Kamala entered. She had covered her head with her sari pallu. ‘Oh, so her husband beat her again, but no, today no sympathies’, she thought and said out aloud, ‘Kamalamma, Wait a second, I will pay your dues, you need not work here anymore’.

‘Amma, don’t say like that, where will I go?’, cried Kamala

‘No Kamala, I am fed up of waiting for you and then doing the job myself’, said Shalini.

And then she saw, Kamala’s eyelids were swollen and her left eye could not be seen at all, ‘That animal beat you again’, said she referring to Kamala’s husband.

‘Why don’t you leave him. Why do you have to take his oppression?’, said she.

‘Where will  go Amma?’, said Kamala and what will happen to my girls.

‘You can come and stay here’, said Shalini.

‘Here? and what about master’, said Kamala

Shalini thought for a while. Mukesh was a very narrow-minded person. He was afraid of society and ‘what will people say’. All these years she had tried hard to change him, but had failed miserably. So what could she do?

And then she remembered meeting a young lady, Kalyani in a local bus once who worked for an NGO. She had told that their NGO worked for women abused in marriages.

‘Wait’, she said to Kamala and ran to the place where she kept all her visiting cards. Out of that bundle she took out Kalyani’s phone number and called her.

In half an hour Kalyani was there with her team. they took Kamala with them to the police station and lodged a complaint against Kamala’s husband. Later they went to Kamala’s house and took her children with them and took all to their office. In no time, Kamala was staying in a house belonging to a well wisher of the NGO.

Shalini liked the work done by the NGO. And she often visited their place. Kalyani invited her to help the uneducated women and their children and she gladly took that offer.

‘Where are you going every day’, it was Mukesh who had come in early one day.

Shalini took a deep breath. Knowing his nature, Shalini had never told him of what she was doing and where she was going. But the time had come now.

She told him

Are you mad. Why do you have to meddle with other people’s lives? You take care of yourself, isn’t that enough?’, said he.

‘What is wrong in helping others? As it is I am free in the afternoon’, said she.

‘No, from tomorrow, you are not going anywhere’, he declared.

Shalini for the first time in their thirty years of marital life boldly got up and declared, ‘No, I like going there and I will go. See I have not ignored doing my duty, so I suppose you should not worry’.

Mukesh looked at her with blazing eyes.

It was some days later that while chatting to Shikha on Skype, she noticed that her eyes were red.

Shikha was her daughter, an engineer who was now married and lived in the US.

‘What happened Shikha, aren’t you well?’, she asked.

‘No ma, I am fine’, she said and then added’ Alright ma, I will log off now, have to go to office’.

Shalini was not at peace, she sensed something was wrong. And so she called up when she knew that Shikha would be in office.

Shikha just kept on brushing off her inquiries.

‘Look Shikha, I am your mother, I know something is wrong. Look girl you are an educated girl. Yes you have to respect your husband and his family, you have to take care fo them. but if they hurt you, you don’t have to suffer silently. You have your education to support you and then we are there, aren’t we’

In addition she told about Kamala.

‘Ma, you really did that, I mean didn’t dad say anything’. said Shikha.

Shalini looked up. Mukesh was glaring at her. Obviously he was angry at her advice to Shikha.

‘Shikha one has to stand up on one’s feet and do what is right. Sometimes you are pushed because you allow yourself to be pushed’, she said and then after sometime disconnected the call.

‘Very nice advise you are giving to your daughter. Instead of asking her to follow what her husband and in-laws say, you are asking her to revolt’, said Mukesh.

‘No, I am not doing anything of that sort. I just asked her to stand up for herself’, and then she walked away.

‘And what will happen if she walks out of the marriage. what will people say?’, he screamed.

‘We will think of that if such a situation arises, why worry now?’, said she.

Mukesn looked on with surprise at his wife who till recently had been very docile.

 Some days later

Mukesh and Shalini had been out for shopping and he had been surprised when they had met a bunch of women who had surrounded Shalini. It seems she was teaching them on afternoons and their respect and awe for her surprised him. He was shocked to see how she spoke to them with confidence. Her inner strength shone through her words.

The phone was ringing when they stepped inside the house.

Shalini picked it up, it was Shikha.

‘Ma where have you been, even your mobile was inaccessible’, said Shikha.

‘Oh that, we were in the Mall maybe no signal there’, said Shalini.

They talked on for sometime. Shikha was happy. Neither of them mentioned about the conversation they had had sometime back

Mukesh was hovering around. ‘What happened?, is she ok’.

‘Yes, she is’, said Shalini.

‘She didn’t complain? I thought she had called to say that she was leaving her husband’, said he.

‘A lot many problems can be solved if you are submissively assertive and do not take any nonsense’, said Shalini.

Mukesh looked on in surprise.


It is the 7th and last day of Festival of Words at Writetribe. The prompt for today: International Women’s Day, inspiring changeiwd_square




There is a fear in my heart.

I have come out to buy milk.BUT will I? Or won’t I? As I hurriedly pay the cashier and return with my can of milk, people laugh at my rush.

I open the doors furtively, I heave a sigh.

My portion of the cake still awaits for me.


Written as a part of Festival of words at Writetribe. the prompt for today was to write a post in 55 words



An inspiration

Today at Write tribe’s Festival of Words we have to tell an inspiring story or write about someone who has inspired us.writetribe_festival_words_3

Though there have been many who have inspired me, in recent times there is one whose devotion amidst numerous hardships has inspired me. She is one who prays to Krishna that,’ Please keep on giving me more troubles in life so that I can always remember you’. Sounds strange isn’t it? I am a person whose faith shakes at the mere mention of a problem. There have been times where I have even blamed God  to give me birth and give problem after problem. But not with Kuntidevi, the mother of Pandavas. She asks for more problems so that she can always remember HIM.

She was originally called as Pritha and was the daughter of Shurasena. (Kunti was the sister of Vasudev) But then she was adopted by Kuntibhoja and from then on she was known as Kunti. Sage Durvasa happy with her servitude had given her a secret mantra by which she could beget children. She begot Karna from Suryadev in her immature curiosity before marriage but then had to cast him away.

Later she was married to King Pandu. But then he was cursed by a Rishi that if ever he tried to attempt union with a woman, he would die. And so Kunti had to beget children with the help of her mantra. She had Yudhisthira by invoking Yamaraj, Bhima by invoking Vayu and Arjuna by invoking Indra. She even helped Madri, the other wife of Pandu to beget sons by invoking the Ashwini Kumaras and so Nakula and Sahadeva were born.

But soon Pandu succumbs to Madri’s beauty and dies. Madri commits sati while Kunti stays to look after the young kids.

And from then on her trial begins.

Her sons are not given respectability by the Kauravas. Though Bhisma sees to it that they get a good education, in all other matters they are sidelined. They are not given their rightful kingdom. From then on the Lakshagruh episode, the time in hiding, the disrobing of her daughter-in law, the thirteen year of banishment of the Pandavas, the war of Kurukshetra, the killing of Abhimanyu and killing of the five sons of Drauadi, Kunti has to see it all.

And yet after the war when the coronation of Yudhisthira is over and Krishna gets ready to go back to Dwaraka, Kuntidevi says, ‘give me more and more troubles’. Why?

Because every time there is a problem, the Lord or his emissary has been there to protect them. When the incident of Lakshagruh took place, Vidura, a sincere devotee of the Lord had already informed that something may happen. When Draupadi was disrobed. Krishna saw that she was never without any robes. And after the war when Ashwattame sends the Brahmastra to kill the last scion of Pandava dynasty in Uttara’s womb; Krishna assumes a form smaller than the thumb of the hand to protect the child in the womb. And for such help, she thanks the Lord and asks him for more troubles so that he will always keep them in his protection and always come to meet them.

Isn’t she a great lady??

Yes, she did make mistakes. Like if she had told either Karna or Yudhisthira that they were brothers the war might not have taken place. But the important point is, in all her trials and tribulations she never lost her faith in the Lord.

For me her faith is exceptional and exemplary.

A review or not?

I haven’t read any ‘commercial’ book in the last 2-3 years but then that is not news for you, is it? The only books that I read nowadays is Bhagvad Gita and Srimad Bhagvatham and then some Srila Prabhupada’s books. All such distinguished books, who am I to review them? Neither do I have that much knowledge nor authority to even try to review them. They are books on life science and glorification of the Lord, who am I to review that.

But then Writetribe’s Festival of Words is on and today’s prompt is do a book review. So what should I do?writetribe_festival_words_3

Today I will do something else. I am going to review a book cover. Yes you read it right, a review about a book cover.

There are about six major points in this cover which are to be understood

  • The horses– The horses are symbolic of our senses. Unbridled they run here and there. Arjuna had five horses for his chariot and they are representatives of our five senses.
  •  The reign and the whip– The reign is our mind. If we keep thinking of positive things our senses too will be in control. If we think of hearing good things; we will. If we want to see good; we will etc. The whip is the direction that the reign has to give to the horses. Or in other words the mind should give direction to our senses and not vice versa.
  • Krishna -Our intelligence. Whenever our mind or senses slip our intelligence should bring us back on track.
  • Arjuna is the soul in the chariot of the body
  • The Lord will be your torch-bearer if you just let Him be:  When Duryodhan went to ask Krishna for his army, Krishna was sleeping. So he sat near His arms thinking that He would open his eyes and look at him. Arjuna came to get the blessings of Krishna and he sat near His feet; massaging them. Duryodhana laughed thinking that Arjuna had lost his chance. Krishna opend his eyes and looked at Arjuna first. And then He asked him what he wants. Arjuna says, ‘You, my lord’. And humbly touches his feet. Duryodhana laughed again for he gets the army.

But the point is the victory of Pandavas is not only because of  presence of Krishna but also because of His knowledge and His direction. How many of us will let the Lord lead the way in our lives?

The confidence of Arjuna is because he is with Krishna: At one point Arjuna loses the urge to fight for he cannot fight with his own people. And then he accepts Krishna as his Spiritual Master and the Lord asks him to fight because ‘He said so’. And Arjuna does so.

  • The setting of the scene-The narration of the Gita is not for either Pandavas or Kauravas. It is for both. The Lord is impartial to both. The knowledge of the Gita is for both the parties as it is narrated in the middle of the battlefield with Pandavas on one side and Kauravas on the other.

What else can you decipher from this book cover?

Disclaimer: The points mentioned above are taken from lectures of various Acaryas. I have just presented them here in my own words.

Thoda pyaar Vyaar

Life has been pretty hectic this year. And obviously blogging and blog hopping has taken a back seat. Yes,  you may say where there is a will there is a way but then sometimes you have to prioritize.

There is so much to study. There is so much to  prepare too. Our scriptures h ave so much knowledge that if you dive into it you will find that you have wet only your fingers. Sorry for the lame analogy but the vastness is that much.

And then there are children to take care for. Now don’t get confused. I have but one. But there are others whom I take class for once a week. But for that I prepare weeks in advance. You may laugh at me but then the class has to be engaging and enjoying and creativity is the key word.

Combine it with a one week workshop in the 2 week break that children get after the final exam in March and you see what a chaos it becomes. Preparation, registration, arrangement, I tell you, it is not a child’s play. It takes energy and again creativity.

So with all this chaos, I manage to write here and there but blog hopping has reduced considerably. Don’t ask me to share, I don’t even know how to operate twitter or Google+. Yes, I live in the dark ages. I  open my twitter account and stare at it and hope things will operate by itself. Thanks to publicize in WordPress, I do not have to bother much about tweeting.

BUT still in these chaos I manage to read some blogs.

You may read Partha Sir’s stories. But he has another blog where in he gives a bit of gyaan. In a very interesting way he mixes up simple stories with necessary knowledge. Reflections it is called and reflections it is.

Deboshree of Paneer, pulao and Pune is one whose style I admire a lot. She can make the mundane of topic interesting. Though she doesn’t write much nowadays, whenever she does, I read it with interest admiring each word and sentence.

Krsnasteachings is another blog which makes understanding simple truths in interesting way. His posts often make me contemplate for hours together.

Jairam is a writer whom I admire a lot. Though he writes almost in all genre and topics, I admire his writing about The Mahabharat a lot. Bringing to life in simple words, those epics and holding your curiosity is no mean feat but Jairam does just that. Though he calls himself a Mahabore, he is anything but a bore

These are the four which hold my interest currently. If you read you will see all four have something in common, deep truths and simple language. Well, that’s what I like the most.


This post has been written as a part of Festival of words at Write tribe. The prompt for today, show some blog lovewritetribe_festival_words_3


A family to care for…….

‘Why is it always your wishes that count Shikha, why don’t you ever consider my feelings’, Aryan said.

What about me, just when my career is taking off….’, I retorted.

This has been a regular now in our home, this blame game. 

He wants to start a family, I do not

We walk in silence to our respective cars when Aryan nudges me to see a family of stray dogs.

The mother licks her babies and feeds them. A puppy shivers, she snuggled closer.

‘Their father is not around but still see how she cares’, he said.

‘I want to have such a family Shikha, a family to cherish, a family to bond, a family to care for, am I wrong in asking for that’, he said with tears in his eyes.

And I understood.


Written for festival of words at write tribe. Today’s prompt is to write a fiction in just 9 sentences


A special day, a special moment

January 17th 2014 was a special day. A day which we had been preparing for the last three years and yet were unprepared for. It was the day we got initiated(deeksha). In case you don’t know what deeksha is.. it means to be accepted by a Guru and promising to lead a life on the spiritual path.

Though we knew that we wanted to follow this path, there were doubts. The main doubt being that were we fit? We had not yet finished reading the stipulated books and that added to our doubts. But Guru Maharaj was coming and it is the only time that we can get initiation here. But we had not filled our papers yet.

But when our Shiksha Guru(instructing teacher) called us aside and said that there was no time to doubt, this was the time that we had to take the step, we began filling the questionnaire.

And since it was as such a late decision, we got just two days to fill in the form and questionnaire. I was still in doubt when I went to give my papers. As I washed my feet before entering the temple, I met R, who said, ‘we were just talking about you’.

‘I hope you were talking good about me’, I joked

‘We are taking ‘aspirant*’ and it is only because of you’, she said.

‘ME?’, I asked.

‘Yes’, she said, ‘ you were our son’s teacher and he used to be so charged up to attend your class that we brought him regularly. He used to attend your class and we attended our class and got interested’.

I stood for a long time in that place. For the last two years I have been taking classes for children. Trying my best to get children attracted to spirituality by fun and games, I had never imagined that it would have such an outcome too.

If I needed a sign to affirm my candidature, this was it. I went inside and filed my papers.

A compliment gives joy, a compliment brings on a smile and a compliment gives confidence too.

Written for National Compliments Day at Write Tribe which was on Jan 24th. Thank you Vidya Sury, I didn’t even know that such a Day existed.

Write Tribe

*aspirant- a promise to be on the spiritual path


It was 11.30 p.m. As she sat down with a sigh. Her mother- in-law came in and yelled. ‘And why is the light still on, who will pay for the electricity, your father?’. Nayana’s eyes welled with tears. Ten years and still no respect. She had to work the entire day. A donkey might have a better life. Her husband was his mother’s puppet. She had to escape somehow but where could she go?

As she switched off the light she noticed a loose wire.

She had the last laugh.

The problem was annihilated …after all she was the electricians daughter.


No, I am not being vicious…just trying to write different.

Written for 100 words on Saturday at Writetribe


The prompt this time – She had the last laugh