When the stork visited

This post is in response to Women’s web; Passport to a Healthy Pregnancy Contest

When I conceived within a few months of getting married, we were ecstatic. We both love kids and there was never a thought to wait to have babies. I didn’t have any morning sickness but was always sleepy and when the home pregnancy kit showed positive, we rushed to the best gynecologist in Bahrain. There were no complexities at all, I ate well, slept well and put on weight well too.

Around the beginning of the fifth month I was feeling a piercing pain around the navel. On my next visit when I mentioned this to the Doctor, she just told it’s because the baby was growing well. The heart beats were alright, so everything was fine, she assured me.

However the same night I went into labour. I was kept on drips but the next day I aborted.

It was almost 18 months later that we came to know that I had pituitary adenoma and maybe that was the reason I had aborted. After the surgery it was clear that I needed some hormonal support if I wanted to conceive (as the gland producing the necessary hormones was not functioning properly, I had to be on injections) . And so I was kept on injections. It took me about a year to conceive and thankfully this time when my pregnancy was confirmed I was with my parents.

What I did this time
->had lots of fruitsand fresh vegetables, less sweets and oily stuff. Even if I had sweets it was sweetened with jaggery as jaggery contains iron.
->Saw that though my weight increased, did not increase much.
->Surrounded myself with family and kids, so that I did not have any negative thoughts.
->Walked but not much, did not climb stairs though as I had been advised not to.
->Read a lot
->Had regular scans.
->Referred both doctors the one in Bahrain as well as in Vizag( where my parents stay)

When I had my C-section and my baby cried for the first time, the whole team sighed in relief. In fact my Doctor told everyone in the maternity ward to visit me and check for themselves how a pregnant lady should conduct herself.

But in the high intensity drama both my Doctors had overlooked one necessary point. My nipples were inward and the baby and me both had a tough time while he tried to suckle. ( as such I had very little milk; the enzymes needed for lactation had been removed while I was operated for pituitary adenoma).

Most of us do know nowadays that during pregnancy we must have regular checkups, scans, should eat healthy etc but also do take care that you are ready to breast feed. After all breast milk is the foundation for your baby’s good health

18 thoughts on “When the stork visited

  1. Good behavior was rightly commended. To cope up with the loss, and to bounce back positively is a big thing in life. You have achieved that. I admire you for that!
    All the best for the contest!

    • Thanks Sahana.
      I have realised that positivity helps but along with that being with positive and like minded people too is helpful
      Thank you and the very best of luck to you too.
      And welcome to SS

  2. Nice tips and sorry about your not being able to breast feed as much as you would have wanted to due to your operation. i too could not because of the BP medicines asministered during the later stages of pregnancy.

    • Welcome to my space HHG.
      Yes I have this guilt that maybe if my son had enough breast milk, his immunity would have been better. But then I am fortunate that I have him so no worries 🙂

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