I heard a knock and opened the door. The unexpected visitor just rushed in. ‘Thanks’, she said and then moved on to have a glass of water. ‘And you must have been busy with your busyness.Look at you untidy, disheveled and disorganized. No, no arguments. You are pathetic’, she said.

I glared at her but it didn’t make a difference to her. She went on from one topic to another. ‘Why can’t you leave me in peace’, I screamed.

‘How can I leave you alone. You are me and I am you, so how can I leave you’, she said.


Inner voice. alter ego, whatever you say… it never leaves us in peace, does it? And it pops out/speaks out when least expected.

Written for 100 words on Saturday at Write tribe.



Make hay….

The winter has been quite dreadful. It hasn’t been very cold but it has been very windy with occasional rains.  The weather is such which  makes your teeth chatter and your bones cold.

As I snuggle inside the quilt to watch some TV, the son snuggled in along with me. And for some time we have fun, snuggling, kissing each other. And then I realise that in a few more years he will refuse to snuggle with me, spend time with me  or allow me to kiss him.

I snuggle some more and make the most of the available time.


Written for 100 words on Saturday at Write tribe. The prompt this time free your mind.



It was 11.30 p.m. As she sat down with a sigh. Her mother- in-law came in and yelled. ‘And why is the light still on, who will pay for the electricity, your father?’. Nayana’s eyes welled with tears. Ten years and still no respect. She had to work the entire day. A donkey might have a better life. Her husband was his mother’s puppet. She had to escape somehow but where could she go?

As she switched off the light she noticed a loose wire.

She had the last laugh.

The problem was annihilated …after all she was the electricians daughter.


No, I am not being vicious…just trying to write different.

Written for 100 words on Saturday at Writetribe


The prompt this time – She had the last laugh

I love my pastry

‘You don’t love me anymore’, I screamed, ‘It is only her nowadays, I said pointing at my ‘new’ sister.

And so I sulked. Ma cajoled and Pa tickled but did I smile. No.

And then Ma whispered something in Pa’s ears, And then Pa smiled and took the car keys and said, who will come for a ride?’

I turned my head but pa held my hand and pulled me out.

And off we went for a chocolate pastry. Pa beamed to see me drum but little did he know pastry is  why I had played this drama all along 🙂vidya-sury-secret-garden


Written for 100 words on Saturday at Writetribe. The prompt being the picture.


My angel

My first visit to Moda mall and I was excited.

image courtesy: google images

I moved my gaze up and looked at the structure with its fans. The summer sun reflected its rays. Without sunglasses I was temporarily blinded but stepped into the foyer and banged on the door. Maybe the sensor of the automatic door was not working properly, but it opened after I banged on it. A bunch of guys laughed at me. I felt ashamed.

My little sister rushed in at that moment, held my hand, made me stable; all the while glaring at the guys and then we marched in.


A real life incident which happened some years back. The only fictional part is that it was my hubby who held my hands. I do not have a younger sister and it is always my better half or the son who hold my hands while I keep banging on things or doors 🙂

Written as a part of Writetribe 100 words on Saturday. The prompt this time My little sister.

100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe


Some injuries save life

Akbar once got hurt while hunting. Birbal remarked that everything happens for good.  An infuriated Akbar jailed  Birbal.

While hunting in the forest the next day Akbar got separated from his retinue. The tribals in the forest were preparing for a sacrifice and for that they wanted a whole  human. Akbar was captured. But it was noticed that he was injured. Akbar was set free.

Akbar returned and released Birbal. Birbal  exclaimed that Akbar’s injury had been a blessing in disguise for both of them. If he had been with Akbar in the forest he would have been surely sacrificed.


An oft told story for 100 words on Saturday 11 at Writetribe the prompt being Blessing in disguise.100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe


I  popped the cookies in the oven and  switched it on.  And then I noticed that there was no power. But the lights and fan were working.  The oven was plugged to an extension cord. So I unplugged and plugged again. Still, no power.

I brought another extension cord and tried again. No luck. Then I tried the extension in two other plug points, still no power.

‘Two cords gone simultaneously, how come?’, I muttered.

‘If I were you I’d do things differently‘, the son replied.

I raised my eyebrows.

‘There is a trip-off. Go switch it on’, said he.


So know you know how dumb I am. 😛 Written as a part of 100 words on Saturday. The prompt being I’d do things differently

100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe