Physiotherapy sessions in the neurological ICU were going on.

‘Raise your right leg’, said the nurse to a patient, he raised his left.

‘Raise your left hand,’ said she, he raised his right.

‘Smile to me’, said she, he grimaced.

Abhi watching the proceedings laughed heartily.

And then he cried at the corpse lying below.

Share the cheer

Spread the joy

Halve the pains

Aggregate the losses

Rouse the trodden

Embrace the fallen.


Try the silent

Hearten the crestfallen

Entertain the golden


Catch the brats

Have a toast

Entertain all

En masse and

Revivify all


this festive season.

2 55 ers and some gyan

She couldn’t help it, just had to go out for provisions. She hurried inside the supermarket. Threw in stuff in the trolley when there was a thud.
That was it, the end of her life and she shut her eyes, only to open it a second later.
The toddler behind had dropped his milk bottle.


The Hurry
He looked at his watch, it said 11.40 am, he had promised his wife that he would be home by 12 noon. The drive would take at least half an hour over the highway. She would panic, what could he do?
He reached home in 10 minutes. The panic had kept people away from the roads.


I am not going to sermonize or to take sides but just appeal. As expats there is so little that we can do. But what we can do is not to panic. To keep our ears open and not to spread fear.

What we can do is to remember that the sources of information are not always fair, hear what is being said but use your intelligence to deduce.

And if we can’t do even that…………shut of the television, the internet, the mobile. Spend time with your family.

Panic creates confusion, keep calm, think and then react.

For a need

She looked around and crept inside. It was still dark, dawn was just breaking.
 She went low,it was unlikely that anyone would be observing her but she was afraid. She hurriedly plucked a cabbage. 
No she was not a thief but what could she do, her child was starving.

The car.

I read some 55 fiction and if you know me . you will also gather how eager I must be to write one. It’s both exciting and tricky to express an idea within 55 words. But the best part is that I can work it out all in the mind and sitting or staring at the screen is minimal; which suits me just fine. 🙂 So here goes….


He looked at it, the bright red car which almost looked like real,with its black tyres and its spotless ‘mirrors’. He scowled at his mother. Why keep it so far in the middle of the bed. A thought struck, he smiled and pulled the bedspread towards him. There, he had it in his hand.