Today is Monday. What so special about that, you may ask?

Well a number of things. While most part of the world are having Monday blues, it being the first day of the week, For us in the Gulf it is a happy day. For Monday means that already three days of the week are over and three remain for the weekend to start.

But then this post is  not about Monday. It is about ‘Days’. I have been searching the internet to know what day it is. I mean each day is a ‘Day’ isn’t it. Yesterday was ‘Yoga day’ and Father’s day. There are mothers day and friends day and what not. And it is essential too isn’t it? Like you and me are individuals and have unique identities, so why shouldn’t each day be a special day,

Oh there, see I got it, one of the sites tells me that today is National chocolate eclairs day and it is also National Onion Rings day. Fantastic isn’t it? (Now don’t ask me which country is meant by the word national. Does it really matter? Aren’t we all global citizens).

So come on have your fill of chocolate eclairs and onion rings. Have it till your teeth start paining of all that chewing and your breath reeks of onion. You can do that much to ‘celebrate’ can’t you?

I came to know yesterday that from last year August 13 is celebrated as The great Khali day in one of the states of Mexico. Isn’t that wonderful? I wonder what people do that day. I just hope that the wrestling matches are confined to the  outdoors.

I wonder if people will celebrate a National boredom day or maybe rename it as Bhagyashree day. Wishful thinking, eh?

But then like all other people I have to wind up this post and start on my chores. The kitchen sink grins wickedly while the kitchen seems to say, ‘Everyday is my day’. Yeah, true…everyday is Kitchen day; no doubt about that. Sigh…!!

Big and small

Enough of TV go and play
then come back and study, I say.

Enough of your orders
I’m a big boy, don’t you dictate, he says.

In that case can you wipe the dishes
and while you are at it; just clear the table.

and after that, the husband chips in
maybe you can help in cleaning the car.

the boy begins in joy, then slowly gets morbid
as the ‘jobs’ increase

can you please clear the table

it’s dinner time lay the plates

‘Enough’ he screams, I am still small
‘Or else I will scream child labour, he says
The husband and me hide our smiles
the big boy bug has been wiped out
till another time

and another ‘exercise’.

Lost and Searching

wpid-wowbadge1A person named Manav lost some valuable items in the by-lanes of Jeevan Society. The police found him in an incoherent state and what could be gathered from the bits and pieces that he spoke was;

That day itself he had joined his job and he found out that all his education had been  a waste. Since then he has been trying to find out what is really needed for a job.

He tried to help a small girl to climb  a tree. Her mother came and slapped him and told him never to touch a child again.

He wanted a meal but if he had a good meal, he could not eat for the next one week, his salary could not afford it.

He went to deliver a packet at his boss’s house, only to find out that the water hose was running though the garden was flooded with water. His  tenement received water only twice in a week.

Though Manav was mumbling a lot many things but the reporter could not gather more than these as she herself started searching for the things that Jeevan lost. If any reader finds any, he/she can please hand over the lost properties at the office address of this newspaper.



Written as a part of Write over the Weekend (WOW) an initiative for Indian Bloggers by blogadda. The theme this week was to

Invent a hot and sensational news headlines and write a story about it this weekend.

My post may not be hot and sensational but then that is how life is nowadays with mistrust, lack of compassion or common sense etc etc. I am on this search…are you?



There is a fear in my heart.

I have come out to buy milk.BUT will I? Or won’t I? As I hurriedly pay the cashier and return with my can of milk, people laugh at my rush.

I open the doors furtively, I heave a sigh.

My portion of the cake still awaits for me.


Written as a part of Festival of words at Writetribe. the prompt for today was to write a post in 55 words



Some facts

This is a post written in 2010  but one which still holds true. 🙂

  • Mergers, takeovers, even coalition governments look easier when compared to feeding a child recovering from illness.
  • Who said that inane objects can’t think; my gas cylinder always empties on a weekend
  • You will always get great offers when you have already purchased whatever you were waiting for
  • Your piece -DE- resistance will always flop whenever there are guests.
  • When the whites are washed the whitest ; you can be assured that there will be a dust storm
  • You may enter an empty store but as soon as you finish your purchases, there will surely be a queue at the payments.
  • You may board up your windows, you may talk in whispers but still there will be some neighbor who  knows all about the happenings at your place


Are you leading a boring life?

It is not me who is asking this question but its was one of the headlines in TOI two days back. Now what do I say. I mean what I like you may find boring and vice versa right. I read scriptural texts. I attend temple programs, I listen to relevant audios. I don’t like watching movies and similarly I hardly have time to read random books or blogs. So am I bore? Maybe for some, for myself I enjoy to the hilt 😀


We hold an annual one week summer camp in March for kids aged 7-15. I met an acquaintance and told about it. She asked for the course summary, I told her that there will be personality development courses, art & craft, activities and some scriptural studies too.  Nothing heavy, small stories etc. Her face changed as if she had smelled rotten potatoes. Maybe she felt, what a bore it is. Once upon a time, I would have been angry at her behavior, now I don’t bother. Who am I to be judgmental.


My parents used to tell us that teaching is a good profession especially for ladies. Which other profession allows you to go along with and return with your kids, isn’t it? We sisters always used to shrug off. Teaching… that is such a bore.

Now my sister is a well know coaching teacher and …..I am on the path of being a teacher preacher 🙂 I take a weekly class for kids in the temple

Many a times the parents of kids come and ask a remedy for problems or ask for some references on texts. And I feel so humbled. I am after all just like them, a student who teaches part-time.

But is it a bore, oh no, not at all, it is a wonderful journey where in we all learn together.

What next?

I straightened my hair

With the promise

That I will use Sunsilk from now on

Though Dove does send me samples now and then



Then I went on a virtual tour

Of shopper’s stop

And shopped this and that


What next you may ask

Well I asked my man to shave

His stubble, and I say;

And while you are it

Can you write about it or should I

Well there is a trip to Paris, you know.


And while I write and write to Get published

While oohing and aahing at Vikas

I ask; What next??

For the one in pain

For a dear one who is going through pain…

What do I say!!

I can’t take away your pain,

I can’t give you solace.


I know how it feels,

The rumble in the stomach,

the quickening of heartbeats

Tightening in the chest

The dull mornings

The dark evenings…

I know it all

As I too have passed through it.

What can I say,

You are at a  stage where in

everything hurts you,

Words, presence.

What can I do

So just a reminder,

you are not alone

I am with you

And so are the many

who pass through this pain.


I am there for you

Call me, scream at me

I will be there with you

Whenever you need me.


He looked around. Only a few were left in the battlefield. And whats more they were scattered. If they had been together it would have been better.

The enemy had lots of weapons-broom, spray, poison but the ultimate …..chappal. He ran, he looked around. His compatriots were losing ground. But splat and he lost the battle.

My ode to the soldier- the cockroach 😛

Just like that

The overhead tank had overflowed

The entrance to our building was flooded.

I wanted to step inside but a bike blocked my way

I told the biker; park it on the side

He refused.

You go from the other side; he said

I fumed but did not say anything

As I had to go out again.

There was seepage on the hall wall,

I gave a complaint

A man was sent to repair it.

And lo it was the same biker.

I glared at him and then left the scene.

Came back on hearing drilling sounds

He was drilling a hole .

You are destroying my hall I said

How else do I drain the water, he said.

.Bas bahar jaoo I said ( enough get out)

BAHAR JAO; I screamed

And woke up from my dream 😀


Yes people I am indeed insane 😛