Different Stages

We go through different stages in our married life, a take on that:

Newly weds
Husband-Do you want a cup of tea, no no don’t bother to get up, I will make for both of us.
Wife– No, I will make, you get ready for office…
H– Its alright, you too have to get ready and you need time to dress up, so go ahead I will get started on the breakfast.

After some years;
H– WHat? you are still sleeping, I have to reach office in half an hour.
W– SO do I, atleast you could have made the tea

Old age
H-Lie down for some more time, you were awake till late
W– Yes, could not sleep, but I will make breakfast don’t bother, your knees, better now?

Meal times
Newly Wed
H– Wow you found time to make so much, thanks darling, I just love it.
W-Awww( with stars in her eyes). I am so happy that you liked it.

After some years
H-Whats this? Is this pulao, is this biryani, what is this
W- this is the same dish which you used to love so much, huh.

After some more years
H– Don’t bother to cook, there are yesterdays leftovers.
W-But it won’t be enough.
H-it will be enough, not very hungry, feeling full.

And generally
Newly weds
H– Darling you forgot to switch of the light in the kitchen and see the table ahs not been wiped properly
W– Oh is it, I am so sorry.

After some years
H– Again you forgot to switch off the light and see the table is still DIRTY.
W– So what you do it!!

After some more years
Husband does not bother to say anything, switches off the light and wipes the table clean


20 thoughts on “Different Stages

  1. So True Bhagya, I really miss that newly wed form of the husband…. 🙂 There was a time of a few months when I was home and he used to go to work and come back and cook too.

    Loved the Old age part…Love it when I see my FiL and MiL care for each other…Always feel if we would be able to reach that!

    Nice post.

    • I miss those heady days too especially because it was a n arranged match and we were ‘discovering’ each other. The discovery is still on, but now we can predict each others reactions.
      I believe that we become actually partners in old age. Till that time each of us will be busy with our work responsibilities etc

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